Frequently Asked Questions

Can anyone find out my real phone number when I use Unlisted?

No. Your Unlisted number is not linked to your real number in any way. We don't even know your real phone number.

What does the other person see as my caller ID when I use Unlisted?

When you call or text from Unlisted, the other party will see your Unlisted phone number as the caller ID. There will be no name or company associated with it.

Do calls and texts appear on my real phone bill?

No. Unlisted operates as a separate app (similar to Skype) and texts & calls do not show up on your real phone bill.

Can I port in my existing number?

Yes, you can port in your existing number on any of our plans. There is no additional fee. Start a plan with any temporary number, then contact us at and we can guide you through the process.

What countries do you support?

We offer numbers in the US and Canada with a +1 country code. These numbers support making and receiving calls and texts with other US and Canadian phone numbers.

How many numbers can I get?

Plans are for one private phone number each. You can purchase up to three unlimited plans and any number of pay-as-you-go plans in the app. If you need more, please contact us at

Can I change my Unlisted number?

Our Unlimited package allows you to change your number once each month (starting after the first month). You can change your number anytime outside this window for a one-time $0.99 early change fee.

Does anyone else have access to my Unlisted number?

No. As long as you maintain your plan, the numbers on your account are exclusively yours.